The Face in the Chimney

A.J. Borden

When digital cameras and cell phone cameras became available to all, many visitors at the house on Second Street were surprised to see what appears to be the face of a man with beard which appeared over the wash kettle in the cellar on the chimney wall. Many think what appears bears an uncanny resemblance to Andrew J. Borden. What do you think?


  • Anonymous

    I have had the face come out every time I have taken a picture of that location in the basement. To me, it does look like Andrew’s face. However, it could also be Lizzie’s face…

    • Shelley

      We first noticed it when everybody got digital cameras- years ago. It has probably always been there. I recall the first time it was noticed because I happened to be working that night and somebody had a digital camera and was showing the photo playback to all of us. We ALL dropped our jaws. It is a paint anomaly, sure- but how odd.

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