1892 Mourning, Lizzie Lacked “The Look”

There was much tongue-wagging about how Lizzie appeared on the day of Abby and Andrew’s funeral, Saturday, August 6th. She wore a black gown and a “somber bonnet” according to newspapers. The gown was of lace and not actually recommended mourning attire demanded of society in 1892. This did not make a good impression on the throngs waiting outside the door of #92 to see how Lizzie would look.

During her trial in 1893, her lead attorney, former Gov. George Dexter Robinson would beseech Lizzie to look more grief-stricken and asked her to wear black every day at court. She bought several new black dresses but topped one black hat off with cherry red berries and ribbon. Read more about mourning on our cemetery page, Friends of Oak Grove Cemetery , a companion page to Warps & Wefts.


Elizabeth Montgomery as Lizzie, wearing that black hat with cherry red ribbon. Costuming by Guy C. Verhille. The Legend of Lizzie Borden, 1975.

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