Relics of the Past

A popular question posed by visitors to the Borden house is if there is anything original remaining in the house interiors. One thing seems to be confirmable: the doors, many door knobs, moldings, framings, stairs and mopboards, a few windows (sitting room), and radiators. The radiator in the front entry foyer was photographed in 1892 by Mr. Walsh and in that photo we also see the stair railings and newel post which we can match today. It is exciting to think about being able to walk in the past, touching things that were there on the day. It is as close as we can come to history.

Touched by generations, including all the Bordens , many visitors- and one killer
1892 photograph: James Walsh, photographer
Staircase and new post 2021
The same radiator, heating the front hall today as was apparent in photos in 1892- cast iron and built to last!
Guest Room radiator, the room where Abby was murdered
Master bedroom radiator, also very likely to be original.

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