A Halloween Anniversary

Halloween is always a busy time at the Borden House on Second St. but it also marks the anniversary of a couple, important in the story of the happenings on August 4th- the Bowens. Phoebe and Seabury Bowen were married on Halloween day, 1871. Lizzie was eleven.

There is a mistake on the certificate, probably poor handwriting on the original- Loutheur should be Southard Miller. Bowen’s mother was Leafa Claffin Bowen, not Sofie, once again, handwriting was deplorable.

Young Seabury Bowen

For more about the life and career of Dr. Bowen visit this link here on the website. https://lizziebordenwarpsandwefts.com/2996-2/?fbclid=IwAR3RZHUqKvrV4Wi_2ZjKjKGqZudKPYEjli9y6rfldK_JPGv2EceYjCj4-wo

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