A Really Sullivan Wedding

Married the day after filing the application for a license

There is a bit more to the marriage application than first published here. At the bottom of the page is the record for the ceremony which happened the day after they applied for the license. Father J.H. O’Brien married John and Bridget on June 21, 1905. Interesting to see the two witnesses were Bridgie and Pat J. Sullivan, presumably relations of John Sullivan. Hard to say when it’s a double Sullivan nuptial! 🙂 This may have been a simple at home wedding as no church is mentioned. I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with John Sullivan’s great-nieces, Diana and Joan once and was told that Bridget became a rather sour and stern old lady, nearly blind at the end and wishing to die, saying her rosary at night. She ran a tight ship at the Sullivan house, and was meager in her cooking portions on the plate. No extra helpings or treats for little girls. One wonders if it was a happy marriage. 

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