Maplecroft has a new family

Great news! The sale of Maplecroft is under agreement with inspections concluded and closing pending. A lovely family with children and experience with Victorian properties will make it a family home once more. A happy ending for this historic home. Congratulations to all.

“Maplecroft, the historic former home of Lizzie Borden, is being purchased by artist and professor Brooke Mullins Doherty, who will be moving her home and studio from New Bedford. She and her husband Michael, a polymath, along with their three children look forward to respecting the house’s unique history while they restore Maplecroft to a single family residence.”

Home once more!

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  • Seafarer

    I always wanted to visit Maplecroft. Sadly, not to be with COVID19 restrictions. I suspected that this would be the outcome. I’m sorry not to see the interiors anymore, or the activities, but I’m happy for Miss Lizbeth and for the new family. I wish them peaceful, happy, and fun days there.

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