Alice Russell, in color

Thanks to A.I. and so many photo-enhancing tools we have now, I have been able to clean up and colorize this last known photo of Alice Russell, a process which really brings her to life today. Alice has long been a person in the Borden story that many would have wished to interview. This photo was seen many years ago in the old Lizzie Borden Quarterly and is said to be Alice at the retirement-nursing home, Adams House on Highland Avenue, closed not long ago. She has very kind eyes, don’t you think? Oh, what those eyes must have seen in August 1892! Poor Alice worked very hard her whole life. Lizzie turned her back on her old friend after the dress-burning testimony. Alice lived close to Maplecroft on Hillside St. for many years. We have to wonder if Lizzie ever saw her passing by on the street. I hope her last years were happy ones.

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  • kate lavender

    Yes, Shelley my love, you did a beautiful job right down to the veins in her hand. She has very kind eyes. You can see the rheumatoid arthritis in her joints. It must have been very painful for her. I’ve recorded Alice’s grand jury interview for my Lizzie Borden Audio podcasts. Her story is consistent with her testimony at trial. She was no turncoat.

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