Lizzie through Time

With the advent of so many photo-enhancing and colorizing tools, it is now possible to clean up, repair and add color to old photos. Often clearing up the cracks and blurs will reveal details not noticed before. Sometimes color will enhance and bring a photo to life, other times black and white will be a better choice. Animation , such as used in the Gallery section on this page, will really humanize a still photo and add personality and life to a rigid photo. Here are known photos which have been sharpened and repaired via A.I. software and do reveal so much more detail. Sometimes details of clothing may suffer clarity in order to improve facial clarity. Watermarked photos indicate Warps & Wefts enhancement from the originals only, not possession or discovery.

School girl Lizzie
Young Lizzie
Teen Lizzie
Pretty Young Lady c. 1877
The famous Pansy Brooch portrait c. 1890
Lizzie c. 1893-4
Newport, likely Autumn 1893
1916 enlarged detail at Maplecroft with Laddie Miller
1922 enlarged detail from composite photo (private collection)
1922 enlarged detail, (private collection)


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