Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our followers and readers a very happy 2023!


  • Beverly

    Isn’t Miss Lizbeth very fashionable for the new year! Very nice look on her. Happy New Year to you all also. I found this current mystery very interesting, in light of the Bordens: The case of the Mass. wife who disappeared on January 1 and hasn’t been seen since. Recently in the basement of her house, police found blood; a bloody, damaged knife; I read a hatchet also in another article; he’s on Home Depot security cam purchasing $450 of cleaning supplies, etc. Just sayin’ that if they found all that in Lizzie’s basement, it would have been curtains for her. Not only that: she had 10 minutes to clean up and change clothes before calling in help, with not a hair out of place. This guy had 72 hours to clean up before calling in help- they still don’t know where his wife is, as far as I know. He’s in jail for “misleading police”, which I think is a clever way of keeping him there while they transition him to person of interest.

    When I see how other people commit murder premeditatedly or spontaneously, it doesn’t seem to work out the same way as the timetable of events, crime scene, and evidence did for Lizzie. Was she smarter than other people committing murder? I doubt it. Were the police dumber than today? Uhhhhh…. She didn’t have the internet to tell her how to dispose of a 115lb body and other things, either.

    It seems that although they looked, they didn’t really consider anyone else; she wasn’t convicted because the authorities weren’t trying. We just have the Prussic Acid event, which was discounted after the grand jury. I look at how authorities have pieced together other murders and potential murders and almost always see a completely different picture of the Borden murders. It’s a murder, but certainly not comparable based upon what we know. Lizzie can’t still be seen as guilty after acquittal just because no one can conceive of anyone else doing it under the circumstances. I still think that we’re all overlooking a bit of information that’s been there all the time that will either convict or prove innocence after the fact.


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