After the acquittal

By September 10, 1893, the Borden sisters have moved into their new home on French St. and are busily unpacking and furnishing their dream house. The ladies are seen all around the city, Lizzie driving her own buggy at a fast pace around town, Emma looking thoroughly exhausted and worn out from the past year. By and large, many from church and her former neighborhood steer clear of Lizzie but a few are still true blue.

The Holmes sisters, the Buck sisters and Caroline Borden are supportive and maintain their ties. Lizzie is planning a trip to Chicago to see the Columbian Exposition and Alice Buck and Caroline Borden opt to go with her. The ladies will stay at 250 61st St. at Miss Robey’s Ladies’ rooming house.

Back in the old neighborhood, the Borden house has been turned back into a two-family home, just as it was when Andrew Borden moved his family there in 1872 and very soon a local grocer, Mr. A.C. Peckham and his wife will rent the first floor, and L.L. Hall, the livery stable owner across the street will rent the second floor.

As the Boston Post, October 30, 1893 describes, life post acquittal was not quit the same for Lizzie as before the crime.

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