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  • Lizzie Borden Director Dies


    Paul Wendkos-Director of the Legend of Lizzie Borden (complete filmography)

    LOS ANGELES (AP)Paul Wendkos, who directed over 100 films and television shows during a 50-year career, including the 1959 surf movie “Gidget,” has died in Malibu  at 84 of a lung infection following a stroke.


    His other films include the 1957 drama “The Burglar,” starring Jayne Mansfield, and 1969’s “Guns of the Magnificent Seven.”

    For television, he directed series such as “The Rifleman” and “Hawaii Five-O.” His made-for-TV movies include “The Legend of Lizzie Borden” and “The Ordeal of Patty Hearst.”

    Wendkos is survived by his wife Lin Bolen, a former NBC television producer, his son Jordan Wendkos, a granddaughter, niece and nephews.

  • Lizzie Acquitted one more time

    lizzieheadLizzie was acquitted in her own home town tonight at Superior Court in a repeat of the mock trial redux which was so well attended last month in New Bedford.  Will she make it three in a row next month in Taunton when the excellent cast takes the stand again?  Read all about tonight’s trial in the Herald News article by Debbie Allard with some superb photos by Jack Foley.

  • After the Murders-a new Lizzie Play

    after the murders

    (photo credit) CELIA FRANK/For Shorelines
    Susan Roche (left) plays Emma Borden and Karen Garrett is Lizzie Borden in “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden,” which will open Friday at Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre.

    Lizzie’s on stage again -this time in a mystery drama by Fernandina Beach playwright Richard Wolf entitled “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden”.

    To read more about the new production which is set in the interval after the acquittal, visit this link

    “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden” will be performed Friday-Sunday, Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7 at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre. Performances are at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays. The theater is in the Adele Grage Cultural Center, 716 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach. Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors, students and military. For reservations, call 249-7177 or visit

  • Lizzie Overdose?


    Got Ghost in the parlor?

    There were some interesting online comments today as a result of an article posted in the Fall River Herald News- article and comments at this link

    The popular Lizzie series at BCC featured a Canadian psychic last night, Kim Dennis, who claims to have channeled Lizzie in her livingroom.  Nothing is hotter than the paranormal at the moment-both at the Borden Bed and Breakfast and as a popular culture phenomenon.  TV is full of it, magazines and best-sellers are doing a brisk trade, and mediums, ghostbusters and psychics are riding the wave.

    Ms. Dennis reveals nothing which others have not thought of before.  Nearly every possible scenario has been well-imagined over the years since the famous murders: motive, method, weapon, accomplices, etc.  There is an abundance of information online and in print about every detail of the crime scene and the principal players as well as a goodly number of who-dunnit theory books.  Messages from the Great Beyond have been leaking through the ether since 1893 when a Ouija board was employed to seek out the answers to the Borden mystery.

    What is interesting to read are the comments following the article.  Is the public saturated with Lizzie Borden- or is it just Fall Riverites?  It has surely been a Lizzie summer and autumn, with no end in sight.  Whether a believer in the paranormal, or an avid scholar of the case, there’s no getting away from the fact that Lizzie will not be going away anytime soon-a haunting of sorts.

  • Lizzie’s Companion


    The Herald coverage in today’s edition of last night’s Lizzie lecture at BCC revealed a particularly interesting tidbit- Lizzie had a lady companion named Trudy.

    It was a common custom of the time for wealthy ladies to have a younger companion to accompany them on trips out of town, shopping excursions and the like. Miss Trudy apparently lived at Maplecroft and enjoyed the elegant  library and hearthside of Miss Borden before going off to give matrimony a whirl.  How nice to know Lizzie did not lead quite such a reclusive and lonely life as many have thought.

    Other snippets read at the lecture included diary entries by a schoolchum named “Lulie” which added a bit more color as to the many moods of Lizzie as a school girl.

    The popular lecture series continues through November and is stirring up great interest in the launch of the historical society publication Parallel Lives which will go on sale before Christmas and is probably on every Lizziephile’s Wishlist.

    • Sept 28, Annette Holba, Ph.D., author, “Lizzie Borden as Conscious Pariah: A Discussion About Private Life.”
    • Oct. 5, Cara Robertson, legal scholar, “What the Jury Heard: Evidence in the Trial of Lizzie Borden.”
    • Oct. 19, Kim Dennis, psychic medium, “Lizzie Borden: Her Side of the Story.”
    • Oct. 26, Jill Dalton, award-winning actress, “Lizzie Borden Live: From Page to Stage.”
    • Nov. 2, Ricardo Rebelo, filmmaker, “The Myth and Media of Lizzie Borden.”
    • For information about the lectures or “Parallel Lives,” or to reserve a copy of the book, call 508-679-1071 or visit
  • Two Thumbs Up for Lizzie the Rock Musical

    Reviewslizzierock are coming in fast and furious for the new rock musical taking New York by storm. The musical is described as  “A rock roadshow retelling of the bloody legend of America’s first and favorite axe-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl” and is a very fresh and imaginative approach to the old familiar case of 1892. The Internet is humming with praise for the musical which is running

    Sept 10-Oct 17, 2009
    Thurs-Sat at 8pm
    Fri & Sat at 10:30pm at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street, New York .

    Visit the web site at for a sampling of what is in store.  Now if we can only get the production to visit Lizzie’s hometown- Fall River is ready!  Read two reviews from  appreciative bloggers at and





  • A Borden September




    labMiss Lizzie Andrew Borden shows no signs of leaving as August comes to an end.  With the advent of the long-awaited Parallel Lives publication by the Fall River Historical Society, and the mock trial at the New Bedford courthouse on the 24th, September promises to be another “Lizzie Month”.

    As the leaf-peeping season comes to New England, a series of lectures will begin at Bristol Community College sponsored by the Fall River Historical Society and funded by The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation.  The series, which begins on September 14 and runs through November 4th, will feature a wide range of Lizzie-related topics from the Paranormal to the Borden story on stage.


  • August was a Bizzie Lizzie month

    LizziewhatIt’s been quite a month for Lizzie Borden doings!  August 4th brought the usual re-enactments at the Borden house on Second Street with the Pear Essential Players.  With a record attendance and largest cast ever, the little troupe was treated afterward to a tour of Maplecroft .  August 21-22 saw the return of Jill Dalton’s Lizzie Borden Live at the renovated Eagle on North Main Street with the Mutton Eaters in attendance.  Lizzie has been much in the news and on television this month as word of the patent on Lizzie Borden merchandise was acclaimed in newspapers yesterday.  Donald Woods, owner of  the bed and breakfast has obtained a national patent protection for all items other than books and publications to use the words “Lizzie Borden” on mugs, tee shirts, key chains, and other gift shop items.

    A new fiction book is out and available for sale at the historical society in Fallnewlizziebook River.  Written by a local author, it has the confession of Emma Borden as the doer of the foul deeds who comes to the writer in a dream.  The Fall River Historical Society has revamped their website to include some preview tidbits of the long-awaited book Parallel Lives which will be coming out in several months.  All in all it was quite a month for Lizzie. 

    September brings a re-enactment of the New Bedford trial of June, 1893 at the courthouse on County Street as part of the Bristol County Superior Court anniversary year events.  Fans and scholars of the Borden case have had a good summer with much to look forward to!

  • Just in Time for August 4th

    murderHot off the press in time for the anniversary of the Borden murders tomorrow comes Eric Ethier’s offering from Stackpole Books. ( ISBN-10: 0-8117-3563-X

    The tradepaper book concentrates on Massachusetts true crimes including : Lizzie Borden, Sacco & Vanzetti, The Brink’s Job, The Boston Strangler, The Robin Benedict Murder, Big Dan’s Rape Case, and the Stuart Murder Case.

    Ethier lives in Rhode Island and is a freelance history writer. His articles have appeared in American History, Civil War Times and America in WWII. The 112 -page book is a well-organized, captivating page-turner and a must-read for all true crime fans.

  • Fall River Spirit on Lizzie Play at the Eagle


    (photo by Rick Snizek-Fall River Spirit)

    An excellent article in the Spirit proclaims the importance of bringing back “downtown” Fall River as a place for weekend fine dining and entertainment, citing the upcoming Lizzie Borden Live production as an important step in revitalizing Main St.  To see the entire article click on this link

  • Lizzie Borden Live to return in August


    As more seating is installed at the old Eagle restaurant on North Main Street to accommodate the sell-out crowd for Saturday night, plans have already been finalized for an encore performance in August.  The play, written and starring Jill Dalton has been performed to wide acclaim in NJ, NY, RI and Arizona, and is at long last playing to the place where it all began- Fall River, Massachusetts.  The Saturday event will begin with trolley rides circulating among area restaurants and Lizzie sites, a special Lizzie cocktail will be featured, and when the doors to the Eagle open at 6:30, a light buffet and passed hor d’oeuvre supper will be served by the Mutton Eaters (a costumed Borden history society).  Here is a portion of the Mutton Eaters’ Saturday night cast release from their website:

    “The old Eagle restaurant has been beautifully converted for the occasion and a flock of Mutton Eaters will descend to be on hand to meet and greet playgoers in the lobby.  Dr. Dolan has a new derby hat for the occasion and Mrs. Borden will be circulating with a tray of hors d’oeuvres and tips for flaky pie crust!  Alice Russell, Bridget Sullivan, Emma Borden and Mrs. Churchill will have something to say about everything, and undertaker, Mr. Winward will be glancing over the crowd for prospective future business! Best news of all- Miss Lizzie Borden Live  will be returning in August- that all-important month!!”

  • She’s back . . . . .





    Friday the 13th   thru   The Ides of March

    “Sweet, innocent, witty and savagely murderous.”

    Ed Wismer, Cape May Star and Wave


     ~ Columbus Theatre ~

    270 Broadway, 2nd floor ~ Cinematheque

    Providence, RI  02903

    (Accessible by stairs only)

     …Think you know her?…Think again….


    Written & Performed by: Jill Dalton

    Directed by: Jack McCullough                       Music by: Larry Hochman

    Lighting Design by: John P. Boomer


     Friday March 13, 2009 ~ 8:00 p.m.

     Saturday March 14, 2009 ~ 8:00 p.m.

    Sunday March 15, 2009 ~ 3:00 p.m.

    Advance Tickets ~ $25.00


    Click on “SCHEDULE “

    or purchase at the door


     JILL Dalton As: Lizzie Borden

    Winner 2007 Jacoby Award:


    “The nod goes to Jill Dalton for her Lizzie Borden in “Lizzie Borden Live.” She runs the gamut of emotions in her performance from that of a mild Christian woman to a ruthless murderer. Her reenactment of the murder of her mother (it was my stepmother!) and father is a chilling scene in this play and Dalton, who also wrote the script, vividly brings it to the audience.”

    Jacob Schaad Jr., The Cape May Gazette



    Dalton is nothing less than superb in her depiction of the character, as her Lizzie is alternating sweet, innocent, witty and savagely murderous. The audience is left to decide which Lizzie is the real one.”   Cape May Star Wave

    “I heartily recommend you see Lizzie Borden Live. . . . complex and most interesting Lizzie, in the person of Jill Dalton.   

    Cape May Star Wave

    “Absorbing performance . . . Dalton runs the gamut of emotions from supposedly mild Christian woman to that of a ruthless murderer.” 

    Cape May Gazette

    “Everything from Jill’s facial features (like Lizzie herself) to the way her voice can change throughout the play makes for compelling and oddly sympathetic viewing.”   Exit Zero

    “Truly superb . . . the script is fascinating. Jill Dalton is an astonishingly talented actress – she changes her mood and characters in a split second. The play should get a Pulitzer.”   

    Charles Alexander, writer for Time Magazine


    “Miss Dalton’s performance is a tour de force” 

     Richard Behrens, The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden Studies


    “Our audience comes to see Lizzie Borden Live expecting to find a monster….

    and instead they find themselves.” Jack McCullough, Director of Lizzie Borden Live



    Lizzie Borden Live was originally commissioned by: East Lynn Theater Company, Cape May, NJ