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Knowlton Update-Mystery Solved

holmes.gif     More information is coming in today from all over about Mr. Knowlton.  One mystery is solved, the woman in the New Bedford plot is Mr. Knowlton’s mother Mary who died after an accident in July of 1902, not Hosea’s wife, who like her husband, was cremated. 

“While in New Bedford, the Knowlton’s lived at the corner of Union and Cottage Streets, not far from the former Union Street residence of Attorney General George Marston. They also had a summer residence at Marion… for several years years in later life he was clean shaven. He had some ability at the piano and was accustomed to playing a polka for his children and their young friends.  …  It is a tradition that in the unexpected absence of the  incumbent he once filled in as organist at vthe Universalist Church.

“Mr. Knowlton was deeply affected by the death, as a result of an accident in Boston of  his venerable mother, in the summer of 1902, shortly before she she was to make her home in his family (in Marion, Massachusetts). “He (Knowlton) died at his summer home in Marion, Massachusetts.” In The Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Lizzie A. Borden, p. 446.

 Knowlton really loved Marion,  even his mother was going to move in until the accident in Boston in 1902.

He (Knowlton)  married May 22, 1873, Sylvia Bassett Almy of this city (New Bedford), daughter of Sophia (Allen) Almy of Eighth Street (New Bedford). Mrs. Knowlton was also cremated. “