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Facing up to a big mistake!

What’s in a name?  Apparently Andrew Borden, slain in 1892 in Fall River by any other name would still be in actuality Andrew Borden.  It’s when the face is clearly not the man that it’s time to question the copy editor at the Fall River Herald. 

 Today’s hard copy issue shows a younger chap in a twentieth century suit mugging shamelessly as the slaughtered Andrew Borden of Second Street.  Since this is Fall River- the scene of the murders, and Lizzie Borden Central- this is not merely a misdemeanor- it is a CRIME! Somebody call the police!  But maybe they are all on a picnic at Rocky Point. . . .  In any event, the story by Debbie Allard features some details of the upcoming Second Street doings for this coming Saturday, the anniversary of the murders.  Other than the usual few errors typical of nearly all interviews- the story is not bad.  But beware- make sure you have the right man on that black sofa.  Accept no substitutes! This is, the one- and ONLY Andrew Jackson Borden of 92 Second Street.  R.I.P. Mr. Borden, many Fall Riverites know your face even 115 years after your untimely demise.