The Borden Alphabet


A   was the August the murders took place,

B   Bordens murdered by blows to head and face.

C   was the Crime in all its detail,

D   was the Daughter at once put in jail.

E   was the Evidence not in her favor,

F   was the Few little facts that might save her.

G   was the Gown all covered with paint,

H   doubtless the Hatchet, tho’some said “it ain’t”.

I   was the Inquest they held all in vain,

J   was the Jury who ‘most went insane.

K   was the Kind of a woman she was,

L   was the Lawyer, who pleaded her cause.

M  for Money the motive was plain,

N   surely the Note they searched for in vain.

O   was the Officers of the police,

P   was the Pardon and speedy release.

Q   were the Queries and Questions each day,

R   was Alice Russell who gave her away.

S   was the Sentence, oh how did she fear it!

T   was the Ten months she waited to hear it.

U   is the Unfinished story it makes,

V   is the Villainous interest one takes.

W  for WHO it is nothing explains,

X   the Unknown who forever remains.

Y   would still bother us if we would let it,

Z   is our Zeal as we try to forget it.