Lizzie Borden in the Marketplace

She’s a doll, that Lizzie Borden.!

One guest on August 4th is a real collector of Lizziana- from old newspapers to a unique item he won on ebay- a character doll of Lizzie Borden with pear and hatchet.  The small cottage industry business specializes in one of a kind specialty dolls of famous people.  Lizzie’s base is a textile spindle (fitting for Fall River) and her miniature leg- o’muttons and gown are quite accurate right down to the tiny buttons.  But it is her buldging fiber-fill stuffed pale eyes which grab the attention- and the miniature hatchet with broken handle.  Her wooly hair drawn back in a bun is carefully copied from photos of Lizzie’s own frizzed, center-parted coiffure.  She made quite a hit at the house on Second Street on August 4th.