Fairhaven,  Potpourri,  Second Street Happenings

First Meeting of The Second Street Irregulars

November 9th-10 marked the inaugural meeting of a group of Borden historians from all over the U.S. who gathered at the scene of the crime in Fall River at the Borden house on Second Street.  The group, modeled along the lines of the Sherlockian Baker Street Irregulars, visited important Lizzie-related sites around town, the courthouse where the 1893 trial took place, and Fairhaven where Lizzie’s sister Emma proved her alibi.  Composed of members of The Lizzie Borden Society Forum, http://lizzieandrewborden.com/LBForum/index.php

 the group, chapter named “Mutton Eaters”, (in tribute to the Borden breakfast on the day of the murders) will meet 2-3 times a year and will feature special guest lectures and field trips.  Photo below is taken in the jury box at the New Bedford Courthouse where Lizzie was acquitted in June of 1893.