Mutton Eater’s Crossword


Click on thumbnail photo and print out to have a try.  This crossword was featured at The Mutton Eater’s Banquet at Lizzie’s Church, The old Rock Street Congregational last Friday night.

The Clues:

Mutton Eaters Challenge Crossword Puzzle  Down 1. Street where Alice Russell lived 2. Prosecutor’s first name 3. Street where #22 across lived 5. Middle name of Lizzie’s middle sister 6. Little Abbie Whitehead’s husband 8. Mr. Almy’s spouse 9. Lizzie’s Maplecroft friend 12. Lurana’s spouse 14. City where Lizzie was held 10 months 17. One of the banks where Andrew did business 19. A clerk pharmacist at Smith’s 21. Name of butcher with whom Morse stayed 23. Address of former Borden home 

Across 3. A detective agency 4. Tried to hop over the Borden’s back fence 7. Affiliation of Lizzie’s Rock Street church 10. Abby’s sister’s married name 11. Andrew’s “last client” on August 4th  13. Block of shops across the street from City Hall  15. County where Bridget was born  16. Was served at breakfast  18. Type of cornmeal cakes  20. Bordens’ funeral director  22. Family which hosted post-acquittal party in Fall River  24. Town where Borden farms were located  25. Dr. Bowen’s first name  26. Popular name for irons  27. Editor of The Hatchet