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Through the Eyes of a Killer


Slide Album: Through the eyes of a killer

On the morning of August 4th, the side screen door may have been unlatched for as much as an hour.  With the front door and cellar door locked, the only way an intruder could have entered #92 Second Street was by way of the side screen door on the north side of the house which was left unlatched when the maid went out to wash windows at about 9:15 a.m.  If one is to believe Lizzie Borden, her bedroom door and dress closet was locked that morning, as was the communicating door between Lizzie’s room and that of her parents on the second floor.  That leaves the only route to the front guestroom where Abby Borden was found dead to follow a pattern beginning at the side door, kitchen, diningroom, sitting room and front hall and up the front staircase.  The killer’s escape path would have followed the same way in reverse, and then to some place of hiding to await Mr. Borden’s arrival some time later.  Naturally the questions arise : 1.  Why did a murderer intent on killing Mr. Borden also kill Abby? 2. How did the killer know the side door would be unlocked? And most puzzling of all, 3. Why did the killer remain in the house after not finding Mr. Borden at home, and then murdering Abby Borden? 4. Where did he hide during the interval between the two homicides? Most would agree the assailant was lucky to have chosen the time and manner so perfectly as to have avoided all of the inmates of the house between 9:15 and 11 a.m. that morning, and to have chosen a day when Emma Borden was out of town and the maid would be out washing windows. That is, unless you believe it was an “inside job”!