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Lizzie’s passport reveals she’s no redhead!


The passport applications filed in Boston, June 4, 1890 for Lizzie and her three traveling companions, Anna H. Borden, Carrie L. Borden (distant cousins) and Ellen Marion Shove have been located and published on the Lizzie Andrew Borden Virtual Library document website at this link below:


It is most interesting to note that Lizzie’s hair color is “Light brown” and her eyes are gray.  The gray eyes had been noted in the police arrest book, but for many years, popular Lizzie authors have eagerly parroted the notion that Lizzie was a redhead- no doubt perpetuating the idea that redheaded women had a temper! Lizzie’s trip to Europe aboard the Cunarder Scythia will be the focus of an upcoming article for The Hatchet, a magazine devoted to Borden studies.