Borden Spaces and Places,  Crime Scene

Abby Must Have Known

The guest room which was to become a chamber of death to Abby Borden is situated off the second floor landing.  There are only two doors leading into it: one from the hall landing, and one door leading into it from Lizzie’s room. Lizzie says her room was kept locked and a heavy tall bookcase blocked entry into the guest room from her side of the communicating door, rendering that entryway unusable by the killer.


That leaves only the hall landing entry door.  Sounds of approaching footsteps can be clearly heard almost immediately in the guestroom as the killer would have started up the staircase.


Abby would have heard and seen who came through the door.  With the only method of escape open to her being an across -the -bed attempt to flee, the bed curiously showed no signs of disturbance later on when the body was found.


With a wound cut deep over her left ear, with the skin hinge  at the back, it must be that either Abby had her back to the killer and spun around at the last minute to see what was coming at her, or she was facing her killer when the first blow fell. Measuring back five feet three inches (Abby’s height) from the spot where her head hit the floor, she must have been standing at the foot of the bed when she was attacked. Abby would not have been surprised to see John Morse (who had stayed in that room the previous night), the maid, Bridget Sullivan- or Lizzie.  All could have entered without causing alarm.  John Morse has an alibi, Bridget was seen washing windows and also talking to the Kelly’s maid, Mary Doolan out by the fence- which leaves only-  Lizzie.

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