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2008 Prepare to be Amazed


 Fall River High School postcard

There’s plenty new under the sun on the Borden Case for 2008. Prepare to be amazed.  The recent Fall River Historical Society newsletter confirms more of the eager speculations about their upcoming book tentatively titled Parallel Lives: A Social History of Lizzie Borden and Fall River which is being researched and assembled by the curatorial staff.  The Andrew Borden family time span will provide the framework on which will hang an inside glimpse, profusely illustrated with never-before published images, of life on the Hill and in the “Spindle City”.

A treasury of private letters, diaries and photos will reveal Lizzie’s social set, society functions she attended, and events she would have observed in the city.  This is not a rehash of the infamous murder case, but rather a look at the world and people Lizzie knew.  So very little is known of her very young life, but details of her life were recorded in the journal of a close friend in the 1870’s. For those who love the city’s history, and Borden case scholars, the 2008 release date of this volume is awaited with great excitement and promises to be a revelation.

Excerpt from Parallel Lives

‘1875 marked the year that Lizzie Borden entered Fall River High School and in the spring of her freshman year she first appeared in ***’s diary. Friday, the thirty first of March, 1876 was “a beautiful day and after school I walked nearly home with Lizzie Borden. . .” ‘