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A Busy April on Second Street

The pansies are blooming, the grass is greening, and the Borden house is getting a new lick of paint this week.  The Travel Channel returns next week to film a new -for-autumn bed and breakfast program, and April 15th will see the Return of the Mutton Eaters, the armchair Bordenian sleuths who gather once a year to chase the cold trail of the 1892 crime.  This year the group will have the annual banquet at the Quequechan Club on North Main since the old Abbey Grille is no more. 

The pace will be hectic with many venues to visit and the  focus this year set on Fall River and Swansea.  Experiments in the house, presentation of new information found over the year , and special guests are part of the annual endeavors.  April will be a very bizzie Lizzie month.

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