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Lizzie Borden’s Grave

Over the years, especially the past 20 years, visitors to the Borden plot feel the need to leave something for Lizzie.  Flowers would seem to be the usual thing, and these do appear, both silk and real, from time to time.  Coins are a regular feature-the significance is not entirely clear, but it is a token of the times.  Some bizarre, inappropriate and frankly too- disgusting -to- mention things have been left. What does this say about us as a culture?

Today one can find a rhinestone brooch (seen above), a pine tree air freshener, coins, a packet of ketchup, a Christmas ornament with a snowman and teddy bear on it , three dead roses, and some paper trash.  The debris changes more frequently as the warmer weather arrives and more visitors come to “pay their respects”.  Not only the name marker but also the large family plot marker comes in for its share of festooning.  Voodoo crowns, vials of blood and urine, notes to Lizzie, amulets, plastic skulls, dolls, and anything else which can be found loose in the car will find its way to the grave. Two years ago there was a birthday party for Lizzie with cake and ice cream- some of which was left on the grave, with a candle for Lizzie.

For many years the graves were nicely tended with ageratums, white alyssum and red geraniums planted for Memorial Day and kept up through Labor Day.  It was always said this tribute was from the Animal Rescue in remembrance of Lizzie’s generosity to that organization in her will, and her support of it  also in life.

With cemeteries so short-staffed, it looks like trash tributes will not be going away soon.  Graves of Abby and Andrew Borden are rarely adorned-which may be a good thing.

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