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The air tight alibi

Joseph Wilmarth Carpenter, Jr. left the Borden & Almy business “under a cloud”, and with some hard feelings toward crusty Andrew Borden.  That news was known about town.  After Andrew Borden was murdered, Mr. Carpenter’s history with the victim made him a “person of interest.” He may have done better to stick around town and face the music. Still, he was off the hook with an air tight alibi.

Carpenter’s family monument and head stone is seen below in Oak Grove Cemetery.

(Top photo by Will Clawson)


  • Beverly

    Am I correct in thinking that “Wilmarth” is a family name connected to Andrew through his step-mother? I was so shocked to see that his step mother was called Bebe, my own nickname. I believe it is the exact spelling on the grave marker.

      • Beverly

        How interesting about Joseph, although perhaps not the same family. What a coincidence- are there such things? A Phoebe and a Bebe: This story sure is interesting on many levels. I enjoy this site and it’s clear that you’ve spent a good deal of time studying 19th century New England custom and culture.

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