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Paranormal Week at Lizzie’s August 21-30



“Abby & Lizzie” on the sofa during the filming for Ghost Adventures

The spirits were restless last week at the Borden house!  My Ghost Story crew checked in on Sunday the 21st. This is a program featured on the Biography Channel. http://myghoststory.com/ Monday- Thursday morning, the well-known crew from Ghost Adventures were in residence with equipment for their “lock down”.  Fans of  host,  Zack,  knocked on the door of #92 and looked longingly through the windows hoping for a glimpse of the handsome host.  Word has it that some interesting EVPs were captured by the team.  This weekend, as hurricane Irene blasted the Northeast, Jeff Belanger, lecturer and author of paranormal books camped out for the weekend.  http://www.jeffbelanger.com/ All in all, the old house on Second Street had an exciting time of it and weathered the hurricane without  incident.  Air dates for these programs featuring the Borden house have yet to be announced.


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  • Eric

    I spent the night before the “lock down” in the house with my wife and daughter. LeAnn (the owner) graciously gave us full access as well as allowing the GAC crew to use her in some of the filming. The whole crew was great and we enjoyed spending the day with them. I hope their time spent there was memorable.
    If you ever get a chance to stay there, do so. LeAnn does a great job and deserves any patronage you can give. Looking forward to seeing the episode this fall.

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