Second Street Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum for sale.

Surprising news broke tonight of the listing for sale of the popular bed & breakfast, open as a business for day tours and overnights since 1996. The listing details will be posted tomorrow morning with Century 21 as real estate agency. Visit the link below for more information.


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  • Seafarer

    Oh, that’s a sad surprise. Hopefully both properties will remain open to the public. They all made a valiant effort at it. I feel bad for the staff because they may or may not be able to stick around. This environment is almost impossible for the hospitality and museum industries. A double whammy to this one.

    I’d still love to get into Maplecroft, the place that interests me most.

    It’s no wonder, however. Let’s see, with lockdowns and quarantine protocols: From my state, I have to stay something like 2 weeks in MA before I can return home… at least 3 COVID PCR tests later….

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