Mr. Walsh’s Photograph in Color

Colorization can sometimes add another whole dimension to vintage black and white photos. We’ve done this one of the crime scene which makes you feel that this could be today and you are in the room.  That may be the sheet used to cover Andrew to the right, just over the top of the rocking chair. There is a small table there with books and a straw boater hat on it- looks like the sheet is tossed on top the table in this photo. Mr. James Walsh, a local portrait photographer, hired by the police department,  began photographing the crime scene around 3:30 in the afternoon. You will note the presence of a man standing far to the right, by the kitchen door. That man is likely a policeman, there are several possible candidates for who he might be.118673157_3519666828046278_4228243444951229120_n


  • Jessie

    Does anyone know how long the bodies were in the house before they were removed? how long was Andrew left on the couch after being found?

    • Shelley

      The bodies spent the night in the dining room. Around 3: 30- 4 p.m.on the 4th Abby and Andrew were photographed, Abby was taken into the dining room where her stomach was removed and she was examined, samples taken. Andrew’s procedures were done in the sitting room. The funeral took place on August 6th, caskets laid out in the sitting room, then off to Oak Grove Cemetery where they ended up that day in the City Tomb, full autopsies on the 11th of August in a building on cemetery grounds, and finally buried on the 17th.

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