Alone and Forsaken

Image- Skinner Auction Gallery, Boston

Chances are, if you have visited the house on Second Street, you may have noticed this picture above the bed in Lizzie’s old room on the second floor. In actuality, a print or copy of this relatively unknown painting was said to have been given by Lizzie, as partial payment to a Mr. Barrows for work done when she was living at Maplecroft. The image seems to have been a somewhat popular one, painted in 1887 and copied by Sunday afternoon artists and others. Vosberg did a copy as well. It seems to symbolize a young girl abandoned and left to shift for herself on the troubled waters of life’s journey. The fact that Lizzie gave it away would seem to indicate that she did not hold it in high regard- maybe its symbolism was too close to home! The following article gives great detail about this painting and artist and how it has in recent years become sought-after, thanks to its association with Lizzie Borden.

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