Maple leaves at Maplecroft

5-lobed maple leaf

In the years before Maplecroft became more accessible, many writers, newspaper journalists and tellers of stories in general would often write or repeat things about Lizbeth’s house of mystery which were not always accurate. One of the stories I recall from the early 1990s was that Lizzie had a maple leaf carved into the newel post of the front staircase at Maplecroft. This was an exciting notion and it found an appreciative audience. It was rarely questioned and assumed as part of the great legend surrounding the enigmatic Miss Borden. With the advent of cell phone cameras and increasing access to Maplecroft by the public, this colorful story has proved to be untrue. Although the charm of those stories has dimmed about the house fittings, the fireplaces, (themselves having been the source of notions and stories), were more than likely installed, as was the staircase, by the man for whom the house was built, Charles Allen. In which case Mr. Allen was responsible for the newel post, or possibly the builders or architect. As you can see, there is no maple leaf motif. More than likely the name Maplecroft was chosen for the trees surrounding the house on French St. Thought to be an aristocratic show of superiority by Lizbeth in naming her house, there was actually a handful of other homes in the city which had a name.

No maple leaf in the newel post

Lizzie was, however, entirely responsible for this!

Front door steps of Maplecroft

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