What’s new at #92?

The local paper finally got around to this story, for those who have been wondering what the future of the Borden house will be like. The story could not be embedded but the link should take you to the Herald’s feature story.


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  • Beverly Blakemore

    An owner can do what he pleases, for sure; but there’s a shake up at the Lizzie Borden House which was once the Bed and Breakfast. Looks like the staff are gone and the rules have changed. I can already sense the difference without ever having been there. I’m not aware of any clairvoyance, but have been known to have clairsentience on rare occasions. Gut feelings are usually more accurate than you initially think. New Owner, just don’t tear the soul out of the place, ok? Not saying that this happened at Lizzie’s, but whenever I hear a new management say something like ‘the former employees don’t like change’, I know where the problem really lies.

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