Donations to the Animal Welfare League of Fall River

Friends of LeeAnn Wilber may wish to make a contribution at the link below .

What I have done, for those who have been calling and writing, is to consult her friends about a suitable charity. I thought of the Animal Rescue League of Fall River (Faxon) which, as you might know, benefited by funds left to it by Emma and Lizzie Borden. Their photographs are in the lobby. I phoned today and set up a fund in LeeAnn’s honor. Everyone who knew her will testify that LeeAnn was an animal lover, especially cats- and know of her beloved Max, who was a mascot down on Second St.

May I suggest a donation to this shelter, a cause dear to LeeAnn’s heart. I have spoken to the director who tells me at present, the shelter is caring for abandoned and unwanted cats and the need is very great there. One cat in particular required emergency surgery this past weekend and there is a thousand dollar vet bill. We can sponsor the adoption room (Meet and Greet Room) provide assistance, for vet bills, food and many needs. This rescue is at present cats only- and for anyone who really knows LeeAnn- you know this would be her wish to help feline friends.

Please make checks payable to: Animal Rescue League Fall River, 474 Durfee Street, Fall River, MA. 02720 In the memo line please write LeeAnn Wilber Animal Rescue Fund and the shelter will keep a running account of donations. You can also use PayPal and click on the donate button on their website. Please put LeeAnn Wilber Fund in the message line so we can keep track of donations. Visit their website at http://arlfr.com They all know LeeAnn there and want to honor her and keep all of us posted on the things your donations can provide. Max would thank you too, I know. There is also a link for PayPal or credit cards on this page at the top right.

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