Lizzie Was Not a Redhead

Every once in a while, the question comes up about Lizzie’s hair color. Lizzie was not a redhead as is portrayed on so much merchandise and in media.  According to her passport application, she was five feet three inches tall and had light brown hair.  Her eyes were gray, but her preference for the color blue in her wardrobe may have given her eyes a bluish tint. Lizzie certainly had a penchant for blue if her choice of sapphire jewelry and many blue garments is any indication. The red hair story may just have been connected to the association with a hot temper! Thanks to Mike Poirier who was was first to locate this passport application years ago. It has helped to dispel a myth. Lizzie’s hair color was a question on Jeopardy shortly after this passport application was made public- nobody got the correct answer!

(Ancestry.com, courtesy of Michael Poirier).

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  • kate lavender

    Hi Shelley! I tried to get my digital artist to do a glossy nut-brown as described in Spencer with soft curls but it looked terrible and after more revisions I decided to go with a reddish tint for one of my many covers for my podcast series. The red looked beautiful on her and it was time for a change. You’re a historian and scholar and I’m not so I can get away with it. LoL…I’m more concerned about producing an excellent show with excerpts from “The Knowlton Papers.” Hope we’re still friends cuz I think you’re the cat’s pajamas.

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