February 7, 1965

Today in history: February 7, 1965, actress Nance O’Neil died at age 90. In her final years, O’Neil lived at the Lillian Booth Actors Home in Englewood, New Jersey. A cinerary urn containing her ashes was transported to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California and was placed in the park’s columbarium, inside the niche that holds her husband Alfred’s urn. Nance and Lizzie were good friends for a short time. Lizzie was always generous with the spendthrift Nance. After Emma left Maplecroft in 1905, LIzzie no doubt needed a friend. We know Lizzie entertained Nance and her acting troupe at Maplecroft at least once, and that Lizzie went to visit Nance at her farm in Tyngsboro, Mass. Both ladies were dedicated to the animal protection cause. Nance always gave a kindly reminiscence of her friend Lizzie and their short acquaintance..

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