February 6, 1926 Remembering Mrs. Churchill

Today in history: On February 6, 1926 Mrs. Adelaide Churchill died. She was first on the scene of the crime on August 4, 1892 and the Borden’s neighbor to the north in the old Buffinton mansion. “Addie” is one person many Borden case scholars would have loved to interview. Rumor has it that she once told a friend that she saw something in the Borden house on the day of the murders but would not tell it if they tore her tongue out. Fascinating to speculate what that might have been. Adelaide was widowed after only about three years and lived with her sister Estelle, who inherited the mansion from her mother. Addie never remarried. Estelle, (the oldest of Comfort and Edward P. Buffinton’s children) also died on February 6, in 1934 as well as Addie’s husband Charles who died Feb. 6, 1879. An article about the Buffintons and Addie will be published this week on W&W.


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