Dave Quigley, Another loss in the “Lizzie Family”

Master of Jonnycakes and the old cast iron stove

Dave Quigley will be a name many who visited the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum before 2009 will recall. Dave started off with the opening crew, working for the McGinns as cook and became part of the Lizzie family in short order. Sadly, Dave passed away on January 20th and all who knew him mourn the loss of a hospitable and welcoming soul who truly loved life and meeting new people at #92. Dave was the only one who ever seemed to be able to handle the temperamental black Glenwood stove in the kitchen and his jonnycakes are legendary. Dave retired in December of 2009 and his absence was sorely felt. Thanks for all the memories, Dave, and so many happy hours cooking with you side by side in the Borden kitchen and serving guests waiting with anticipation in the dining room. They were the best of times. https://lizziebordenwarpsandwefts.com/…/end-of-an-era…/

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