The Sad End of Chief Medley

The Borden Curse #2

Along with Phil Harrington, William Medley had his doubts about Lizzie Borden’s innocence. On the day of the murders he went to the barn loft and discovered no evidence that anyone had been walking around in the dusty loft. When he placed his hands on the floor and withdrew them, there were clear marks on the floor. Not satisfied with the main search on Saturday, he and Officer Edson returned on Monday, August 8th, when Medley discovered a dusty hatchet head casually tossed on the top of a box in the cellar. Medley would enjoy a very successful career in law enforcement thereafter and would become Fall River’s first Chief of Police. His photograph is to this day, prominently displayed on the wall at the police station. His success and happiness was not to last. He became the victim of an horrific automobile accident at the corner of Locust & Linden Streets in 1917. His wife and young daughter survived the crash.

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