Maplecroft: The Master Bath Revealed

Maplecroft: Mansion of Mystery #1

As a lead up to our October 16th podcast, a nightly series of photos, videos and short articles about 306 French Street will be posted. Hopefully you will find out some small detail you may not have known. There will be no chronological order to the posts but rather a random harvest of details which we hope you will enjoy. Tonight, let us have a look at the bathroom fixtures! How’s that for random? We know Emma and Lizzie shared the hall bathroom with the beautiful blue tile border and the bath tub ( a clawfoot) is most likely the one the ladies soaked in at leisure. After the wash bowl and pitcher of Second St., a dedicated bath must have been a real luxury. Of interest are the faucets, and the waste water drain. The toilet in this bathroom appears to date to a time when Lizzie would have been in residence, but of course it is hard to know for sure. What is rather interesting is the bath tub in the cellar. According to a former owner, when the back addition bathroom was remodeled, he had the claw foot tub removed and stored in the cellar. This would have been the bath tub from circa 1908 when Lizzie added on the ensuite bath and room over the porch. How we take bathrooms for granted nowadays!

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