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  • Richard Behrens at the Fall River Public Library

    Richard Behrens,author of Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective gave a reading at the Fall River Public Library on August 3rd.  Some of the character actors from the Borden house museum’s Pear Essential Players came dressed 1892 style for the occasion.

    This year’s cast featured Kathryn Woods as Nellie Drew, budding girl detective and fan of Miss Lizzie’s sleuthing adventures!

    Abby Borden (Shelley Dziedzic) on the arm of

    Uncle John V. Morse (Joe Radza) at the library (photos by Jack Faria)

     click on link to view video :   Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective 

  • Got more Lizzie?

    Dr. Handy’s cottage, Lizzie’s Marion fishing destination (courtesy of Sippican Historical Society).

    If you were busy elsewhere on August 4th and missed  the Lizzie tizzy of activities in Fall River, you can still catch a program on the famous case in Marion, MA. on August 19th at 7 p.m. Marion, the charming little fishing town where Lizzie had planned to try her famous line and sinkers, has a program in the old music hall which should keep the case followers delighted in August.

  • ? On Second Street

    Many folks in town are less than pleased with the monstrosity that passes for a court house across the street from the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum but recently something new has appeared which is generating puzzled looks and outrage from passers-by.  On the Spring St. corner at Second, the  yellow “Kelly House” complex which consists of a house rental and a few retail businesses, is now sporting huge black and grey portraits of Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe.  The big question mark has raised some speculation- who next?- Lizzie Borden?

    St. Mary’s church has the corner lot where a large statue of the Virgin Mary is located.  Einstein seems to be sticking his tongue out in that direction. But the big question is- WHY? Does the city have any regulation in place about public mural art?  There’s bound to be further developments on this one.

  • Cast for Annual Presentation at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum

    Some of the cast will be appearing at the Fall River Public Library on Tuesday, August 3rd at 6:30 for a special reading by Richard Behrens from the new Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective!  Tickets are presently on sale at the museum 508-675-7333.  Advanced ticket purchase is suggested to avoid disappointment on the 4th.  Tickets are usually sold out by noon. First performance at 10: 30 a.m.

    Cast interviews and photos may be found at

    Lizzie Borden:  Lorraine Gregoire

    Detective Seaver  Ben Rose

    Abby Borden:   Shelley Dziedzic 

    Andrew Borden: Logan Livesey

    Bridget Sullivan  Kathleen Troost-Cramer

    Emma Borden:  Barbara Morrissey

    Addie Churchill:  JoAnne Giovino

    Alice Russell:     Kristin Pepe

    Uncle John:  Joe Radza

    Officer Medley:   Justin Dunne

    Miss Manning from the Herald:   Molly O’Brien

    “Cub reporter and Girl Detective” from the Herald, and Miss Manning’s assistant: Kathryn Woods

    The Distinguished Undertaker Winward:  Michael Brooks

    Officer Harrington:  Will Clawson

    Marshal Hilliard;  Ray Mitchell

  • Book Signing August 4th


    Richard Behrens, author of the new adventure stories of Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective will be signing copies of his book in the giftshop at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast on August 4th from 10:30- 4 p.m..  Copies of the book will be on sale.

  • A Farewell in New Bedford

    This week will mark the end of criminal cases tried at the historic New Bedford Superior Court House at 441 County Street, the venue for the famous 1893 trial of Lizzie Borden.  Only civil cases will be heard now at the New Bedford site. Amazingly the old court room where the Borden trial took place has remained, for the most part, the same as it looked in 1893. 

    The new Fall River Justice Center on Second Street, will assume the task of trying criminal cases.  One wonders if the 1892 crime happened today- might Lizzie try for “house arrest” and remain in her house across the street from the new court house wearing an ankle device!

  • Richard Behrens Reads from Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective

    It was a charming June afternoon at the Fall River Historical Society when author Richard Behrens’s treated an appreciative audience to selections from his new book, Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective.  The gardens were in bloom, lemonade and gingersnaps were on the sideboard, and spellbound fans of the latest Lizzie Borden fictional incarnation were held in rapt attention for a delightful interlude.  Copies of the book may be found at the historical society or may be ordered through the website (link in right hand column). Thanks to Mondo Lizzie and Youtube for the following videos from this afternoon.

  • What’s new this week?

    Today’s Fall River Herald News has a wonderful article about New Jersey author Richard Behren’s book, Lizzie Borden:  Girl Detective and the upcoming Saturday reading and booksigning

    photo credit: LeeAnn Wilber

    Popular indy actress and fashion trend-setter, Chloe Sevigny strikes a familiar pose on the black sofa.  Ms. Sevigny has family ties to Fall River and a great interest in the Borden case.  Tuesday marked her second overnight visit to the house on Second Street.

    Painting on #92 has come to a halt due to the weather.  More scraping and primer touch -ups are in the future before color can be applied, hopefully next week.  Costuming and casting have begun for the upcoming August 4th re-enactments.  Busy days on Second Street.

  • Lizzie News Round-up

    On May 27th papers in the United Kingdom posted news that Stephen Griffiths of Bradford, North Yorkshire would be charged with the homicides of three women. ” ‘I have decided that there is sufficient evidence to charge Stephen Griffiths with their murders, and that it is in the public interest to do so,” ‘ said Peter Mann, head of the Crown Prosecution Service complex casework unit in the West Yorkshire. ” Body parts recently found in a local river are being examined to try and establish if they are from the bodies of the three women.  

    For the last six years Griffiths had been studying at Bradford University for a doctorate in criminology. His thesis was to have been about 19th-century murders. On his wishlist was  Goodbye Lizzie Borden: the Story of the Trial of America’s Most Famous Murderess. For more on the story

    For those who remember the film, could That House made so famous be a candidate for a B&B?  Read all about what the Lizzie Borden B&B has to say about it.

    The new court house across the street is preparing to open in June, #92 should get its new Rhino Shield paint color applied this week, and rumor has it that the house on Second Street may receive a call from a very special guest soon. 

    New England Bites bloggers Laura and Diane ( a Mom and Daughter team) paid a visit to Second Street and had a great write-up with photos on their visit.  The Fall River natives also give great tips on where to eat in the Fall River area.

    For a to-die-for photo of Nance O’Neil and some interesting back story on The Legend of Lizzie Borden with Elizabeth Montgomery check this out

    And of course the month started with a bang with the publicizing of that Lizzie note found in a Massachusetts museum in Brighton –  And it isn’t even AUGUST yet!!

  • A key to Lizzie B?

    Graphology, the “pseudo-science” of deciphering personality attributes by analyzing handwriting samples provokes mixed opinions as to the validity of these observations.  The formation of letters, the slant of the writing, the way a “t” is crossed- and many other points come under the lens in formulating possible characteristics of the writer.

    Janice Warren, master certified handwriting analyst, will present “You Are What You Write,” on Friday, June 18, at 6:30 p.m. at Christ Church, 57 Main St. in Swansea. The owner of “Different Strokes” in Fall River, Ms. Warren gives workshops for teachers and lectures for civic groups and cruise ships.

    The program will feature discussion on various traits revealed in handwriting, samples of the rich, famous and infamous, including Lizzie Borden,  and will include audience participation by helping to analyze their personal handwriting samples.  This is far from the first time that Lizzie’s handwriting has been examined.  It will be interesting to see if Ms. Warren agrees with other graphologists.

    Refreshments will be served after the program, and tickets may be purchased at the door or by calling Marsha at 508-678-6486. The fundraiser will benefit Christ Church outreach projects.

  • Travel Channel March 11, 2010

    Photos from last Thursday’s filming.  The new Mr. Borden could double as Abraham Lincoln.  A few are rather eerie!

    Bridget Sullivan: Molly O’Brien

    Lizzie Borden:  Lee Ann Wilber

    Mr. Borden: Dan LeLievre

    Mrs. Borden: Shelley Dziedzic

  • The Minister & the Mill Girl

    The Rev. Ephraim AveryIt has been just a month over the 178 years since the body of poor Sarah Cornell was found swinging on a post in a Tiverton farmyard on a cold winter’s morning  just before Christmas.  With the recent publication of Rory Raven’s Wicked Conduct,  reviews are appearing in area newspapers and interest is again renewed in the story of the pregnant mill worker and the suspicious circumstances surrounding her relationship with the Rev. Ephraim Avery. 

    Sarah’s grave in Oak Grove cemetery has seen an increase in visitors and there is talk of a new grave marker to supplement the nearly illegible worn stone now in place.  To read the full article by William Moniz of the Spirit, visit this link

    Amazon is offering the book at 13.59 plus 3.99 shipping and the volume is in stock.

  • Ravenous Romance and Lizzie?

    For those who thought Elizabeth Engstrom’s Lizzie novel was an eyeopener, 2010 may bring an even juicier Lizzie title from publisher Ravenous Romance.

    Award winning author Lisa Mannetti of Port Chester, New York has confessed she is “on tap” for a new approach on the Lizzie Borden story. Fresh from winning the Bram Stoker Horror award for her novel The Gentling Box,  Bad Moon Books will be bringing out her dark gag book, 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover (illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne) in February 2010 and Cargo Cult Press is publishing her novella, Deathwatch, in spring/summer 2010. A second novel The Everest Hauntings, is in the works. She has not given the date for her Lizzie novel.  It should be something to look forward to in the near future, and quite likely another pageturner!  Visit Lisa’s website at Read about her visits to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast there at the link below.

    Night time tour guide, Eleanor Thibault has been the host at #92 Second St. for the visits of NECON, the Northeastern Writers Conference, an organization to which Ms. Mannetti belongs.

  • Lizzie Borden Director Dies


    Paul Wendkos-Director of the Legend of Lizzie Borden (complete filmography)

    LOS ANGELES (AP)Paul Wendkos, who directed over 100 films and television shows during a 50-year career, including the 1959 surf movie “Gidget,” has died in Malibu  at 84 of a lung infection following a stroke.


    His other films include the 1957 drama “The Burglar,” starring Jayne Mansfield, and 1969’s “Guns of the Magnificent Seven.”

    For television, he directed series such as “The Rifleman” and “Hawaii Five-O.” His made-for-TV movies include “The Legend of Lizzie Borden” and “The Ordeal of Patty Hearst.”

    Wendkos is survived by his wife Lin Bolen, a former NBC television producer, his son Jordan Wendkos, a granddaughter, niece and nephews.

  • Lizzie Acquitted one more time

    lizzieheadLizzie was acquitted in her own home town tonight at Superior Court in a repeat of the mock trial redux which was so well attended last month in New Bedford.  Will she make it three in a row next month in Taunton when the excellent cast takes the stand again?  Read all about tonight’s trial in the Herald News article by Debbie Allard with some superb photos by Jack Foley.

  • Lizzie Overdose?


    Got Ghost in the parlor?

    There were some interesting online comments today as a result of an article posted in the Fall River Herald News- article and comments at this link

    The popular Lizzie series at BCC featured a Canadian psychic last night, Kim Dennis, who claims to have channeled Lizzie in her livingroom.  Nothing is hotter than the paranormal at the moment-both at the Borden Bed and Breakfast and as a popular culture phenomenon.  TV is full of it, magazines and best-sellers are doing a brisk trade, and mediums, ghostbusters and psychics are riding the wave.

    Ms. Dennis reveals nothing which others have not thought of before.  Nearly every possible scenario has been well-imagined over the years since the famous murders: motive, method, weapon, accomplices, etc.  There is an abundance of information online and in print about every detail of the crime scene and the principal players as well as a goodly number of who-dunnit theory books.  Messages from the Great Beyond have been leaking through the ether since 1893 when a Ouija board was employed to seek out the answers to the Borden mystery.

    What is interesting to read are the comments following the article.  Is the public saturated with Lizzie Borden- or is it just Fall Riverites?  It has surely been a Lizzie summer and autumn, with no end in sight.  Whether a believer in the paranormal, or an avid scholar of the case, there’s no getting away from the fact that Lizzie will not be going away anytime soon-a haunting of sorts.