Lizzie Borden in the Marketplace

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  • Lizzie’s Companion


    The Herald coverage in today’s edition of last night’s Lizzie lecture at BCC revealed a particularly interesting tidbit- Lizzie had a lady companion named Trudy.

    It was a common custom of the time for wealthy ladies to have a younger companion to accompany them on trips out of town, shopping excursions and the like. Miss Trudy apparently lived at Maplecroft and enjoyed the elegant  library and hearthside of Miss Borden before going off to give matrimony a whirl.  How nice to know Lizzie did not lead quite such a reclusive and lonely life as many have thought.

    Other snippets read at the lecture included diary entries by a schoolchum named “Lulie” which added a bit more color as to the many moods of Lizzie as a school girl.

    The popular lecture series continues through November and is stirring up great interest in the launch of the historical society publication Parallel Lives which will go on sale before Christmas and is probably on every Lizziephile’s Wishlist.

    • Sept 28, Annette Holba, Ph.D., author, “Lizzie Borden as Conscious Pariah: A Discussion About Private Life.”
    • Oct. 5, Cara Robertson, legal scholar, “What the Jury Heard: Evidence in the Trial of Lizzie Borden.”
    • Oct. 19, Kim Dennis, psychic medium, “Lizzie Borden: Her Side of the Story.”
    • Oct. 26, Jill Dalton, award-winning actress, “Lizzie Borden Live: From Page to Stage.”
    • Nov. 2, Ricardo Rebelo, filmmaker, “The Myth and Media of Lizzie Borden.”
    • For information about the lectures or “Parallel Lives,” or to reserve a copy of the book, call 508-679-1071 or visit
  • A Tale of Two Cities


    Gallery X will be holding an open exhibit “Lizzie Borden, A Tale of Two Cities”. On August 4, 1892, a terrible crime was committed in the city of Fall River. After all suspects were interviewed, all were cleared except for the youngest daughter of the victims, Miss Lizzie Andrew Borden. The vicious murders and it’s following trial caused the largest media blitz America had ever seen. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Borden were brutally slain in their home in broad daylight. The trial of Lizzie Borden has lived in the hearts, imaginations, and minds of a larger group of people than one would expect. The crime was committed in the City of Fall River, On June 5, 1893, Ten months later, Lizzie was brought to trial at the Bristol County Superior Court house in New Bedford. After a trial of thirteen days, Lizzie was acquitted for lack of evidence.

    The show’s title, “Lizzie Borden, A Tale of Two Cities” is a reference to the connection of these two cities and the national interest the murders in Fall River, and the following trial in New Bedford caused. Nearly every newspaper in the country held front page accounts of the tragedy and it’s proceedings. It seems everyone had their opinion on these bizarre proceedings and the press couldn’t get enough! The exhibit is open to all artists, local and otherwise. All submissions must pertain to Lizzie and/or the Borden tragedy. The limit is three pieces per artist, at $10.00 each. Gallery X will receive A35% commission on any sales. The show opens on October 14, 2009,the opening reception will be on October 17, 2009. The deadline for entries is Sunday October 11,2009 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Gallery X hours are Wednesday through Friday 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. , Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.

  • Salem Witch?

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    Salem is rumored to be the new hot spot for weekending for the Boston crowd but who would have thought it might become a venue for Lizzie Borden during the annual Salem Haunted Happening Madness in October.  Word has it that the Essex Street  Newmarket Gallery will be the hot spot for Lizzie to be hanging out come October 2008.  What would a Fall River girl have to say to all of this?

  • The Psychic Solution?

    Selling like hotcakes off the shelves of Phantom Book Shop in Ventura is Richard and Deb Senate’s latest excusion into the psychic world – a solution to the Borden case. Deb has the gift of picking up impressions from holding objects from a crime scene.  The couple is now tackling England’s own Lizzie Borden- Jack the Ripper.  For ordering information and more on this title, visit their website at

  • Lizzie Borden Live Postponed


     jill_portrait.jpgThe 78th Street Theatre Lab must be vacated on March 8th, 9th and 10th (the  show dates). They are currently in the midst of an enormous construction project, which will eventually encompass 236 West 78th Street completely.

    The contractors have chosen this weekend to hoist steel girders over
    the building, requiring the top two floors to be empty. This is a
    safety issue and the city is requiring them to empty the building. Up
    until today the theatre had been assured all construction activities
    would be over by 6pm at the latest on any given day, and they would not be working at all on the weekends.

    The apparatus used to raise the steel requires blocking off the entire
    street, and because of traffic it can only happen over a weekend.

    THEREFORE, LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE, is being postponed.

    It looks like the new date is Sunday, April 20th @ 3 pm

    LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE has also been selected as part of the Six Figures Theatre Company’s 6th Annual Artists of Tomorrow Festival with two performances:

    Friday, May 2nd @ 9 pm
    Sunday, May 4th @ 3 pm

    The West End Theatre
    (Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew)
      263 West 86th Street
    (bet. B’wy & West End Ave.)

  • Centennial Memorabilia


    There’s nothing that quite equals the 100th anniversary of any sort of event, and Fall River made a grand effort to tastefully recall the 100th anniversary of the famous Borden case.  TheLizzie Borden Conference team at BCC, and the city-wide affiliates could see it was clear that something was expected by those living in the area to mark the 100th year following the Crime of the Century in 1892.  The historical society produced a boxed stationery set with numbered letterhead and envelopes, and served as a location for the postal service’s special postmark cachet for envelopes.  Perhaps the biggest seller at the historical society was the Centennial calendar in black and white on heavy cream stock. It has become highly collectible and occasionally appears on EBAY.



  • It’s the Cat’s Meow


    Back in the 1990’s an enterprising lady calling herself “Faxine” developed a clever line of famous houses and places to make a collectible wooden village.  She wisely discontinued certain pieces, thereby making the value of some pieces shoot through the roof. The Borden house was one of her historic homes offerings, and is worth plenty now if you can find one.  Sometimes EBAY has one for auction.  Former house owner Martha McGinn found a local artist to produce a replica of the house on Second Street- the scene of the crime, which alas, are impossible to get anymore as the artist is no longer producing them. If you have either reproduction- hang on to it!


  • Halloween must be coming

    The upscale catalogue, Victorian Trading Company is offering one of the nicest Lizzie Borden costumes on the market, complete with large axe and a cunning little hat.  The calico two-piece ensemble is well-made and makes some of the other Lizzie costumes look- well, tawdry in comparison.  This little number would be perfectly in style for those hot August mornings as well.  Victorian Trading Co. offers thousands of Victorian-inspired home decor, holiday, fashion, and stationery items.


    This notoriously wicked woman is accessorized with the weapon that wiped out her unfortunate family in forty whacks.  Includes: Authentic Victorian day dress in a mustard print featuring exaggerated poufed sleeves on the shirtwaist with antiqued metal buttons and pleated skirt back, authentic hat design with elastic chin strap and long netted veil, and of course, her trusty axe.
    #i12092  $149.95
  • She’s a doll, that Lizzie Borden.!

    One guest on August 4th is a real collector of Lizziana- from old newspapers to a unique item he won on ebay- a character doll of Lizzie Borden with pear and hatchet.  The small cottage industry business specializes in one of a kind specialty dolls of famous people.  Lizzie’s base is a textile spindle (fitting for Fall River) and her miniature leg- o’muttons and gown are quite accurate right down to the tiny buttons.  But it is her buldging fiber-fill stuffed pale eyes which grab the attention- and the miniature hatchet with broken handle.  Her wooly hair drawn back in a bun is carefully copied from photos of Lizzie’s own frizzed, center-parted coiffure.  She made quite a hit at the house on Second Street on August 4th.