• August 4th cast at Maplecroft

    The cast enjoyed a great day at the Lizzie Borden  Bed and Breakfast Museum as they, for the 14th year, adapted the facts of the case for performance to the public.  Tickets were sold out well before the afternoon, with starting times on the half hour this year.  An exit poll was given to the visitors and over 60 % of those who filled out the form decided Lizzie was the guilty party, with Uncle John Morse coming in a distant second.  There was a drawing at the end of the day for a gift certificate to the popular B&B.  Some of the cast is shown above after the day was ended, before being treated to a tour of all floors of Lizzie’s home on French St., Maplecroft.   It was a big day for all things Lizzie with the new exhibit also debuting at the Fall River Historical Society. For more about the day visit the Fall River Herald site article http://www.heraldnews.com/news/x84685033/Fall-Rivers-infamous-Borden-murders-reenacted-on-118th-anniversary

    More script details and cast photos coming soon!

  • Richard Behrens Reads from Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective

    It was a charming June afternoon at the Fall River Historical Society when author Richard Behrens’s treated an appreciative audience to selections from his new book, Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective.  The gardens were in bloom, lemonade and gingersnaps were on the sideboard, and spellbound fans of the latest Lizzie Borden fictional incarnation were held in rapt attention for a delightful interlude.  Copies of the book may be found at the historical society or may be ordered through the website (link in right hand column). Thanks to Mondo Lizzie and Youtube for the following videos from this afternoon.

  • Travel Channel visits the Lizzie Borden House May 4th

    “There’s no bizness like Lizbizness”

    The weather was ideal for the Travel channel shoot in Fall River.  Bursts of rain and bright sun were the order of the day and produced some wonderful silhouettes and shadows inside the house- a novel approach to the re-creations for a film crew.

    Andrew Borden was played by the Rev. Robert Richardson, a Congregationalist minister.  This was his first time out as Mr. Borden and Kathleen Troost-Cramer who usually plays Irish maid Bridget Sullivan took on her first turn as Lizzie.  Both were superb in their roles. The filming is for an upcoming program on haunted hotels and bed and breakfasts, so the focus was on the paranormal.  Thirty Odd Minutes’ Andrew Lake and Matt Moniz (also of Spooky South Coast radio show) were also on hand all day to serve as science techs for the shoot.  http://www.30oddminutes.com/about.shtml  http://www.spookysouthcoast.com/AboutUs/

    Psychic and medium Liz Nowicki also made a call in the evening.  What did they find? Stay tuned!

  • Mutton Eaters On the Prowl

    After the visit to the police station, the flock descended on the Fall River Public Library to have a look at the Fall River Room and exhibit of Fall River artist paintings.  A happy hour was spent there looking through old street directories, postcards and reference materials-some rare, and all chock full of information about the city.  After a tour of the library it was check-in time at #92 Second Street and preparations for the annual banquet, this year at the old Quequechan Club on North Main Street.  Some Mutton Eaters opted for vintage clothing.  The group handed out awards and enjoyed a superb dinner in the Captain Study on the second floor after taking a tour of the bowling alley and other rooms of the 1894 former gentleman’s club.  Dinner was followed by the cutting of the 2010 Cheesecake- a tradition for the Mutton eaters, this year featuring  a topper of Lizzie Borden counting dollars instead of sheep in her little bed back on Second Street.  It was a late night with lots of singing and presentations by members which included new material on Dr. Seabury Bowen and Sarah Cornell.

  • A Busy April on Second Street

    The pansies are blooming, the grass is greening, and the Borden house is getting a new lick of paint this week.  The Travel Channel returns next week to film a new -for-autumn bed and breakfast program, and April 15th will see the Return of the Mutton Eaters, the armchair Bordenian sleuths who gather once a year to chase the cold trail of the 1892 crime.  This year the group will have the annual banquet at the Quequechan Club on North Main since the old Abbey Grille is no more. 

    The pace will be hectic with many venues to visit and the  focus this year set on Fall River and Swansea.  Experiments in the house, presentation of new information found over the year , and special guests are part of the annual endeavors.  April will be a very bizzie Lizzie month.

  • Living History-Laura Loew

    Photograph courtesy of JENNIFER KARPUS/SUN NEWS

    Laura Loew lives what she loves.  The Medina, Ohio woman offers classes and lectures in various Victorian-era topics including Lizzie Borden, one of the most popular presentations. Ms. Loew presents programs on many aspects of Victorian fashion from hats to needlework to mourning customs including hairwork jewelry. Her company, Lost in the Past,  has a web site at http://lostinthepast.com/ where she may be contacted to book a lecture, date a photograph, advise on period costume, plan Victorian teas and  myriad other fascinating services related to the Victorian era. Her next class will take place in her restored Italianate Victorian home and will be a craft session in making a fan, a presentation on the language of the fan, and a tour of her home filled with period antiques on April 10th.

  • Lizziewear for tots


    Nothing Says Love Like Lizzie !

    This little fellow in the Youtube segment below loves Lizzie, but apparently not his day care teachers. Even worn as an undershirt, Lizzie’s face raised a few eyebrows.  Need one for your baby from Baby Wit? What next- hatchet rattles? To order: http://www.babywit.com/TRR105I.html