Stop the Press

  • New Lizzie Image Makes a Splash!

    All across the region today newspapers and television stations were buzzing with the news of the great find in Swansea.  Providence Channels 10 and 12 carried the story as well as FOX 25 and Boston Channel 5.  It was the talk at the corner Walgreen’s and over breakfast counters around Fall River this morning.  Yesterday’s Herald News devoted three-quarters of the front page to the story and the Boston Globe ran it today on section B front page.  Now how can they top this one!?? Click on thumbnails for larger image.

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  • New Lizzie Borden Photo found in Swansea !

     holy_cow.jpg HOLY COW!!!

     It’s been a long, long time since a new photo of Lizzie has been published and the cover of the newly released Hatchet must qualify as a Stop the Press spectacular!  Kudos to Hatchet editor Stefani Koorey and Borden historian Leonard Rebello for some great detecting.  Other Borden photos and mementos were also located at the Swansea Museum just before Christmas 2007.  It’s big news in Borden land tonight! For a subscription and a look at the cover, visit the link below. The Hatchet has also changed its title and content scope to include Victoriana , mystery and murder.

    The image of Lizzie at about nine years of age in a charming straw hat has been published with the permission  and knowledge of the Swansea Historical Society on the site above.  Internet copyright laws do apply and the permission to copy in the current issue of The Hatchet, and on The Hatchet-linked blog , Mondo Lizzie Borden, was obtained for one-time usage legally by the editor. 

    Any cropped, altered, or grayscaled “bootleg” reproductions which may appear elsewhere and are being circulated, are without the knowledge or permission of the Swansea Historical Society and have been cropped from the copyrighted cover of the latest edition of The Hatchet.  For those who object to their personal photos appearing without permission on the Internet: propagating, harvesting, and disseminating copyrighted images amounts, in essence, to image theft. Any benefit which might have been afforded the institution to which the image belongs through print and product reproduction is compromised.  Sadly, historical societies and museums are those institutions which most need the revenue.

    Some worthwhile reading –

  • Website “Lizzie Borden Live”- goes live!

    lizzielive.jpg A new website has gone up on the web today promoting LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE, a one-woman show, written and performed by Jill Dalton, directed by Jack McCullough with incidental music by Larry Hochman.  It is set in 1905, Fall River, MA, thirteen years after the unsolved murders of Andrew Borden. 

     It’s a good-looking, user-friendly site, with notes about the actress, production and performance schedule. Don’t forget to click on the My Space link which features some intriguing slide shows of Maplecroft exteriors and Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Abby and Lizzie on the front stairs at Second Street

    Shelley Dziedzic and Jill Dalton

    photo by Richard Behrens


  • 2008 Prepare to be Amazed


     Fall River High School postcard

    There’s plenty new under the sun on the Borden Case for 2008. Prepare to be amazed.  The recent Fall River Historical Society newsletter confirms more of the eager speculations about their upcoming book tentatively titled Parallel Lives: A Social History of Lizzie Borden and Fall River which is being researched and assembled by the curatorial staff.  The Andrew Borden family time span will provide the framework on which will hang an inside glimpse, profusely illustrated with never-before published images, of life on the Hill and in the “Spindle City”.

    A treasury of private letters, diaries and photos will reveal Lizzie’s social set, society functions she attended, and events she would have observed in the city.  This is not a rehash of the infamous murder case, but rather a look at the world and people Lizzie knew.  So very little is known of her very young life, but details of her life were recorded in the journal of a close friend in the 1870’s. For those who love the city’s history, and Borden case scholars, the 2008 release date of this volume is awaited with great excitement and promises to be a revelation.

    Excerpt from Parallel Lives

    ‘1875 marked the year that Lizzie Borden entered Fall River High School and in the spring of her freshman year she first appeared in ***’s diary. Friday, the thirty first of March, 1876 was “a beautiful day and after school I walked nearly home with Lizzie Borden. . .” ‘

  • Lizzie’s passport reveals she’s no redhead!


    The passport applications filed in Boston, June 4, 1890 for Lizzie and her three traveling companions, Anna H. Borden, Carrie L. Borden (distant cousins) and Ellen Marion Shove have been located and published on the Lizzie Andrew Borden Virtual Library document website at this link below:

    It is most interesting to note that Lizzie’s hair color is “Light brown” and her eyes are gray.  The gray eyes had been noted in the police arrest book, but for many years, popular Lizzie authors have eagerly parroted the notion that Lizzie was a redhead- no doubt perpetuating the idea that redheaded women had a temper! Lizzie’s trip to Europe aboard the Cunarder Scythia will be the focus of an upcoming article for The Hatchet, a magazine devoted to Borden studies.